Purpose of the Foundation

Actively and directly promote, support and finance Technological Research Projects and promote ICT (Information Communication Technology) in order to improve the quality of life and independency of people in particular for people with disabilities or those most in need.

Identify, directly support and coordinate specific and selected projects with the purpose of improving the standard of living and create a living, educational and social environment able to guarantee a better future for people living in particular in emerging countries.
We believe in better education, better work, better life and therefore focus on promoting a personal independent living and professional development of future generations. The aim of our projects is to achieve immediate, tangible results in the live of individuals, while at the same time affecting long-term changes in their communities.

Science and technology have the great challenge of improving quality of life, freedom and independency all around the world.

Our goal is to auto finance all Foundation’s internal costs (i.e. administration, marketing, salaries, legal expenses, etc.) by the profit generated through the sale of the Foundation’s products, for example soft-toys.  These products have being created, designed and produced by Dominic Foundation and sold through professional and reliable distribution channels.

Our aim is also to guarantee that any donation or budget assigned to a specific project will be solely used (100%) for the project itself and avoiding diluting the available funds for internal and administrative costs.

Dominic foundation is managed by people with a proven and very strong ethical background, believes and behavior.

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